AQUAZZI BALI offers a high-quality selection of spa enhancement accessories and maintenance supplies to enrich your hot tub experience. All the suppliers of us control the quality as the standard, we test every kind of spare part in our Showroom which recognized by TUV and ETL standard AQUAZZI BALI.

Thermal Cover


Thermal cover is a revolutionary innovation both in practical and designer terms. Have you seen AUTOMATIC spa cover lifts? Aquazzi Bali that do all the work for you! Fits with nearly any size spa cover, lifting even the fit size in 6 meters swim spa cover off the spa in a short time. The system can rollover the cover itself without user`s help. When the cover on the spa,it is hard enough that the user can stand on it, because we use new material for the cover. How dose it work?The lift first rollover the cover then goin down the ground by the automatic system. The merit of this cover lift is space, it doesn`t need more space,you can have more space for your garden.

Cover which can be move by hand easy, and no screws are available. Spa Stander is a convenience spa cover lift, it’s arms cradle your cover to keep is safely behind your spa and fold away when not to use and remove your hot tub cover with ease, the cover mate only has one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism so installation is simple and fast. The cover stander will not damage your hot tub skirt, because no screws are required for installation.
Which can fits up to 2.4m hot tub.




The steps have light weight but supports up to 300 LBS and will last for years in all weather conditions, are made from the same material (PVC) used in the Aquazzi Bali cabinets, which perfect to Aquazzi Bali and enhance spas’ overall appearance.

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