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Aquazzi Bali is one of the marketing leading well-being brands. In order to strengthen our presence, we are constantly developing in France for the world market.

We ensure our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, together with first class customer service and our globally strong network we are becoming a leading contender our line of business.

Our wide range of products allows us to accommodate all clients requirements, whilst making well-being affordable to everyone.

Our prospects and commitment for the upcoming years :

– Aquazzi continues to develop some innovative products to answer to market demand.

– Aquazzi has rigorous quality control in order to offer you the insurance of long-lasting service.

– Aquazzi constantly improves the service to customers, in order to satisfy your requirements day after day.

We want to continue to offer you : – Access to a responsive after-sale service, with a technical trained specialist in Aquazzi products.

– The local support, to offer you the very best advice; from choosing your Aquazzi product, to delivery, installation and maintenance.

– An important and constant stock.

Please come and visit one of our showroom and get the natural powers of water you deserve…

Materials and components

Aquazzi Bali are make with name-brand materials and components in the world, like the ARISTECH acrylic sheet and BALBOA control system & heater. These are a reliable quality guarantee in the spa industry. All of the material and parts for a spa are tested in different using situation, ensure a spa will have a definitely useful time in rugged environment.




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